Thesis Proposal


Nabil El Ioini

  • Mobile software development
  • Web Service quality assurance


Ilenia Fronza

  • Software analytics, with a focus on software development processes, web and mobile contexts, embedded systems, and its implications on the area of human machine interaction
  • Educational aspects of software engineering with a focus on computational thinking and human machine interaction


Andrea Janes

  • Lean and Agile Software Development
  • Software measurement with a focus on human machine interaction


Claus Pahl 

  • Software architecture
  • Cloud systems and technologies


Barbara Russo

  • Data mining of open source systems
  • Software Reliability and testing


Davide Taibi

  • DevOps and Software Maintenance
  • Mining repositories for predicting software maintenance and evolution
  • Agile and cloud-centric continuous architecture. 


Xiaofeng Wang

  • Software startups and lean startup methodology 
  • Agile and lean software development methods and practices